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glock 30 vs 19

Sights: Fixed, standard Frame: Polymer Slide: Tenifer coated steel Length: 6.97 in. Height: 4.8 in. Glock 45 vs 19. 0 0. They're practically the same gun... One and done I always say. For example, the .45 ACP has better penetration and is an overall bigger round. 0% "Glock in the G37" by ssitnes. The Glock 17 and the Glock 19 are, essentially, the same gun, except that the Glock 19 has a slightly smaller barrel and grip. The High Noon Slide Guard seemed to conceal the Glock 30S best at 4 o’clock, just like the Galco Scout. But I hear you on the 10rd limit, which is why I picked up the 26 (saw you didnt like it, must have huge hands). One key difference between HK P2000 vs Glock 19 is the offered trigger variants of P2000. Glock; Glock 19; Glock 43; Glock 17; Glock 26; Glock 42; Glock 34; Glock 22; Glock 40; Glock 20; Glock 41; Glock 29; Glock 43X; Glock … Without getting into the whole 9mm versus .45 AUTO caliber debate, I’ll say that the main differences between these guns resides in the size and firepower. Mark Kakkuri is a nationally published freelance journalist and avid outdoorsman. The mere presence of the gun alone is enough to make you feel safe. Striker-Fired Full-Sized Pistol . While this was mostly true for the Glock 30S, carrying it in an inside the waistband holster demonstrated the benefits of this pistol’s relatively light weight. 0%. While a little less concealable than inside the waistband, it’s definitely more comfortable. Glock's new pistol is another .45 in Glock's lineup. Get the latest news and reviews from glock 37 impression and carry, a few mods coming for the g37. Please try again. Finally, we take a look at the 19. 1 06:50. In its Gen 4 configuration, it has many of the same features which the Glock 30 Gen 4 has. Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. The 17 is a full size frame which holds 17 rounds as a standard, as opposed to the 30’s 10-round standard mag. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. VS. Glock . G19 Gen5. The beefier build of the 30S contributed to a good grip during the range time and handled the recoil well, making this an exceptionally comfortable gun to shoot. kawaz.308 Win Beiträge: 394 Registriert: Do 20. If you are going to be using the weapon the Glock 17 is arguably the best choice. About Share. A High Noon Slide Guard was on duty for this part of the review, excellently enveloping the Glock 30S in high-quality cowhide while securely attaching to my belt. In one sense, the Glock 30S is big, pushing the limits of what could reasonably be considered “subcompact.” In another sense, the Glock 30S is a marvel: How else can you comfortably conceal a handgun with 10+1 rounds of .45 Auto? Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G19 Gen5 and Glock G20 SF. It falls right in between the venerable Glock 30 and the only single stack Glock, the 36. The circumference of the receiver, or the back strap, offers increased comfort and control. With this outside-the-waistband holster in this position, my concern was less about concealing the stock and more about concealing the back of the slide, which stuck out the most. I don't have a fullsize 9mm, so the Glock 19 seems like it would be good for training and instructing new shooters. The 30 is a great shooter, it really isn't that big in size, mainly just a typical Glock thickness. Gen4 Glocks feature a new grip texture, recoil spring assembly, enlarged and reversible magazine catch and adjustable backstrap. Carrying the chunky Glock 30S inside the waistband in the Galco Scout holster, a relatively thick holster, resulted not in the feeling that you were trying to hide a small animal on your hip, but actually felt pretty good and carried well. Every round of the Winchester PDX-1 self defense ammo I was using fed, fired and ejected properly. 0%. So let’s take a look then at these two very well-known gun models within the Glock series! The vast majority of the rest of the rounds would travel through this opening. LG. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. I have responded to many of them and also … Learn how your comment data is processed. 0%. I have the opportunity to pick up either a Glock 19 or a Glock 30, in Gen4. As a new, custom-made, leather holster—every High Noon Slide Guard holster is—it exhibited some new, custom-made, leather holster tendencies, namely, a very tight fit for both gun and belt. G20 SF. The size and weight of the Glock 30S prevents you from carrying it in your pocket or in an ankle holster. This is one of the more concealed carry friendly versions of the Glock. Compare Views. Glock 37 Gen 3. … I have a 26 and a 30. The GLOCK 30S pistol successfully combines a short frame (SF) with reduced grip size and a slimmer slide (S), with the powerful 45 Auto round. The Glock 19 is a compact firearm that is chambered in 9mm. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G19 and Glock G48 PORYA – GLOCK IN THE G37. either way your making a good choice. Sights: Fixed, standard Frame: Polymer Slide: Tenifer coated steel Length: 6.97 in. I don't really need either gun for a dedicated role. I'm hoping they release a single-stack 9mm next me, that would be the perfect conceal carry pistol... Trouble concealing a G23 but G19 is OK? From reading on the various gun forums it looks like more people like/love the 30s instead of the 30. I would base a cache gun on what you normally shoot, you don't want to train with a CZ75 then have to fall back on an unfamiliar Glock. I have come across quite a few threads where members are asking which pistol, between the Glock 30SF and the Glock 30S, would be the better pick up for them. We have all moved on to another American owned NY gun forum that doesn't censor you or contribute revenue to anti gun causes. 0 06:28. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I owned a HKP30 and have shot the SIG P320 at the range. Glock 30S Caliber: .45 Auto Capacity: 10+1 Magazines: 2 Barrel: 3.78 in. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Contribute; Contact; Glock . 19 and 30 are different animals. I am new to guns, I bought a gluck 30s gen4 , I have a question about the 45 ammo, can I use 45 gap? Who would prefer which model is, of course, hugely circumstantial – not just preferential. I love my G23, but it's not very easy for me to conceal in warmer weather. Glock 19 . The Glock 30 is an awesome alternative to the Glock 22 because it’s smaller and the .45 Auto offers better ballistics than the .40 S&W. only advantage i see to the 19 is it being slightly thinner on the slide for concealment. Re: Unterschiede GLOCK 30 vs 30S vs 36. Glock 30 vs. Glock 17. "To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people. In fact, just to make things interesting, I loaded a magazine with two or three of each kind of round, staggered, to try to throw the 30S off and cause a hiccup. I think I regain sight picture slightly faster with the 19, 9mm is cheaper to shoot, and the loaded pistol with five extra rounds was 3-4 oz lighter (and a bit thinner), so I carry the 19. Even though it is relatively small and lightweight, it’s not that small nor lightweight. I did not like the high bore axis on the P320, if this gun had been out in 2005 when I switched weapon systems from my SIG P series DA/SA guns, it might have been o.k., but I am used to the lower bore axis on the Glock 19 so this gun didn't do it for me. I love both, even though I put the 30 on the market. Consider: 10+1 in any caliber is a good number of rounds for concealed carry. Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links. 0%. It provides the single and double action pull trigger (SA/DA), whereas Glock uses its Safe Action trigger system. With P2000 single action, the trigger pull is lighter at 4.5 lbs compared to the 5.5 to 6.5 lbs trigger pull of Glock 19. Die Glock 30 ist eine Selbstladepistole im Kaliber.45 ACP.Hersteller ist die österreichische Firma Glock Ges.m.b.H.. Siehe auch. Of course that’s a difference between compact and subcompact, but this isn’t an article about subcompact 9mms. Nach oben. Let’s get some basics out of the way, for those of you who are new to this debate. Laws of physics and common sense all but demand that this gun be carried in an inside or outside the waistband holster. Roy Clagg says: February 1, 2017 at 12:33 . Weight: 20.28 oz (unloaded) Options: N/A SRP: $637. So the 19 would be fine. Hat schon jemand die 30s und kann Erfahrungen teilen. While dimensionally smaller guns exist, few can boast being chambered in .45 Auto with a 10+1 capacity. 0%. 10+1 of .45 Auto is heavy duty, literally. Dez 2012, 12:33. This has a shorter barrel than the 17, measured at 102mm. Glock 30SF vs Glock 30S vs Glock 30 Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by glockness303, Jul 22, 2014. Height: 4.8 in. 0 02:19. Hab vor kurzem die Glock 30s 45ACP (slimline ) in der Hand gehabt. I find the 19 and 30 fit my hand about equally well and they are my favorite two Glocks. So, the main draw (pun intended) for the Glock 30S becomes a matter of being able to carry the maximum in concealable firepower. Time will tell. G.A.P. While smaller, lighter guns exist, they may be lacking the capacity or reputation of the Glock 30S. less than … You cannot go wrong with the 30 and would suggest it over the 19. Date: June 27, 2020 G37 17 19 19x 23 26 27 34 36 45 9mm glock pistol. Weight: 20.28 oz (unloaded) Options: N/A SRP: $637. Customary Metric . Check my avatar and signature for the location. Caribou Media Group may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. get low cost} prices Glock 30 Vs 19 Weight And Glock 43 Vs Glock 19 Specs now. With most holsters, carrying inside the waistband maximizes concealability at the expense of some comfort. Differences Between The Glock 17 and The Glock 19 There are few differences between the Glock 17 and the Glock 19. If carrying the Glock 30S inside the waistband just won’t work, then carrying it outside the waistband is probably the next best means. The G19 really is an everything gun. No problems. carol says: February 1, 2017 at 05:19 . From: Aimie. August 28, 2019 August 30, 2020 by Ronald Henderson. Like. ARMAS- GLOCK 37 en 45. The most obvious differences are the sizes of … This is lighter in weight when unloaded, but the recoil weight is one pound heavier versus the 17. At the range, the Glock 30S proved to be the best kind of boring. Glock Tactical and Practical Fans: Who wants the new Glock 41 Longslide in .45 ACP, 7/13 and 7/14 Glock GSSF match in Fulton NY FREE WARRENTY REPAIRS ON ANY GLOCK, 24 Hour Sale - Glock Magazines from Glock 17 to 34 - $19.98 + Free Shipping. I concur, repeat the test as above. So did the Remington and HPR .45 Auto I fed it. The 19 is a compact 9mm holding from 10 to 30 rounds with factory mags, the 30 is a sub compact.45ACP that holds from 10 to 13 rounds with factory mags. If you have a shorter barrel, drawing it from your holster will be much quicker compared to other models. Striker-Fired Compact Pistol . The 30SF (Short Frame) only differs in that the front-to-rear grip profile is diminished. This is especially useful for shooters with small hands. First, I've EDCed the Glock 19 since I switched to it in 2005. The pistol 30 weighs 23.81 ounces unloaded and 33.69 ounces fully loaded. I am going to buy a Glock 30 or 30s in the coming weeks. But, I don't have any full-sized 9mms. By misunderestimated in forum Competitive Shooting. I said it once. Glock-Pistole; Weblinks Hard data aside, the gun never really feels heavy in the hand nor in the holster. The Glock 30 has a barrel length of 3.78 inches, as opposed to the full-sized Glock’s 4.61 inches. Unloaded the 30S weighs 20.28 ounces. In fact, it is well balanced and, depending on the holster, relatively easy to carry for long periods of time. Related videos. Facing In; Back-to-Back; Facing Up; Back View; Choose View Facing In Back-to-Back Facing Up Back View. Learn More About Glock Options. I vote for buying the G19 first. We have given a brief history about Glock as a company before, so be sure to check out other blogs if you are curious or would like to know more about the Austrian company. Let’s get right into the first weapon, the Glock 19. I guess I should just buy both. The Glock 17 vs The Glock 19 – Who Might Prefer Each Pistol? Loaded it jumps to 30.16 ounces. Practically speaking, all the 30s are the same gun, offering the 10+1 capacity of .45 Auto in a smaller but thicker to hold package. Glock currently offers four variants of this pistol: a standard Model 30 (the original), the 30SF (reduced frame circumference for an easier trigger reach), the 30S you see here (slimmer slide on an SF frame) and the Glock 30 Gen4. I know the slide is slightly more narrow on the 30s compared to the 30 but the width of both guns is exactly the same according to the Glock specs and the other dimensions are the same. The loaded weight of the 30s is 3 oz. 0 05:16. 0 views. I also don't have any smaller .45s. glockness303 New Member. Glock 19 is effectively a reduced-size Glock 17; it is called the “Compact” by the manufacturer.The Glock 19 has a shorter barrel (by about half an inch) and pistol grip compared to the Glock 17. Thank you! Glock offers two alternate Glock 30 models – the Glock 30 SF and the Glock 30S. was founded in 2008 by Mike Centola and Jeff Wiedrick as a response to a lack of discussion forums for New York State firearms owners. I have a 19 for carry and after making the measurements between the 19 and 30s I believe I can owb carry the 30s as well as the 19. He has over 20 years of professional writing experience, a bachelor's degree in communications, and blogs at. In the end, the Glock 30S is not only a capable shooter with plenty of on-board capacity but also, in holsters such as the Galco Scout or High Noon Slide Guard, a decently comfortable carry. Glock 26 Or 19 For Concealed Carry And Glock 30 Vs 36 Comparison Reviews : If you're looking for Glock 26 Or 19 For Concealed Carry And Glock 30 Vs 36 Compariso This means that it is classified as a compact, and not a full-sized pistol.Beyond this, the guns are actually very similar. The G19 is designed to be versatile, where as the G30 is designed for a more specific purpose. Gallery: 10 Great Concealed Carry Handguns, Concealed Carry Holsters: 7 New Carry Rigs, Concealed Carry Handguns: Guncrafter Model 5, 4 Must-Have Concealed Carry Upgrades (2020), Lipsey’s Goes Old School With Retro Glock P80. 78 0. Tabletop Drag and Drop. Glock 19. Glock 30 vs Glock 22. With 230-grain self-defense rounds tucked in your belt, that’s 2,530 grains of hollow-point bullet at the ready. Both these semi-automatic pistols use 9mm cartridges and were designed by Gaston Glock. Both take 9mm cartridges, both are made from the same high-quality mix of steel and polymer, and both of them a… Since it is a smaller gun, it is more popular for concealed-carry uses. Reply. Glock 30S Caliber: .45 Auto Capacity: 10+1 Magazines: 2 Barrel: 3.78 in. Good Evening, All! Originally the intent was solely for a discussion forum, but it quickly developed into an extremely informative blog-based site, incorporating firearms news, reviews, and events. 30er ist ja wie die 26er der Größe nach, die 36er die Version subcompact (slimline) nur wo liegt dann jetzt der Unterschied von 30s zu 36. cant go wrong with either one really, both are great guns. But, most days you aren’t going to be using it. Jul 22, 2014 #1 . Cinching up my belt another notch helped, but in the end the best concealment again came from a loose, untucked T-shirt or unbuttoned casual shirt. Grab your G30s from an authorized GLOCK dealer today. Reply. The Glock 19 weighs 21.16 ounces empty, 23.63 ounces with an empty magazine, and 30.16 ounces with a loaded magazine. Whenever I hear the word racist anymore the only thing that comes to mind is that it is a Democrat someone disagreed with attempting to insult them. Plus it would be good to have, parts and mags are super common, and who knows maybe I would carry it. We have the larger Glock 19, which has been described as a “Goldielocks” gun, in that it’s arguably a perfect size. Firing at a paper silhouette target right at 10 yards away and using the Glock’s standard sights, in no time a jagged hole about the size of a softball appeared. My Glock 19 is still my primary carry, and I’ll be honest with you, it’s not as comfortable to wear as some of the thinner guns out there (Beretta Nano, Sig P290). 1 14:14. Then we have the Glock 26, which is a subcompact version – made for concealed carry. 0 00:20.

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