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university of bergen courses

Jorunn Sørdal University of Bergen P.O.box 7800, N-5020 Bergen Norway Tel: +47 55 58 90 27 E-mail: exchange-students@uib.no Long-lasting conditions, HELSAM341 / Eigenopplevd helse, livskvalitet og erfaringar med helsetenesta - Pasientrapporterte data, del 1, HELSAM395 / Masteroppgave i helse og samfunn, HELVID650 / Master thesis in Health Management, Quality Improvement and Health Economics, HERMOD620 / Hermod: Communicating Science and Arts, HIK117 / Specialization in Cultural History, HIM101 / Survey of Middle Eastern History, HIM104 / Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa, c. 1500-2000, HIM201 / Themes in Middle Eastern History, HIM250 / Bachelor Essay in the History of the Middle East, HIS101 / Survey of Pre-Modern History to 1750, HIS102 / Survey of Modern History from 1750, HIS113 / Specialization in Pre-Modern History, HIS114 / Specialization in Pre-Modern History, HIS115 / Specialization in Modern History, HIS116 / Specialization in Modern History, HIS130 / Political Systems in the Ancient World, HIS203 / Theories, Methods and Historical Sources, HIS302L / Theories and Methods of Historical Analysis and Research ¿ Teacher education, HIS303 / Research Problems and Historical Sources, HIS303L / Research Problems and Historical Sources (Teacher Education), HIS309 / Practical Methodology for Historians, HMS-FOT-100 / Photo: Darkrom C41 colour film processing, HMS-FOT-101 / Photo: Photo Studio Introduction, HMS-FOT-102 / Photo: Epson digital plotter, HMS-FOT-103 / Photo: Black and White Negative Processing and Black and White Darkroom printing, HMS-FOT-105 / Photo: Black and White Film processing and basic negative scanning, HMS-LAK-100 / Lakkrom: HMS-Kurs Lakkverksted, HMS-MOD-101 / Model workshop - introduction, HOSP-GEOV / Science Project in Earth Science, HTEK101 / Introduction to Ocean Environment, HTEK102 / Practical Training in Ocean Technology, HTEK202 / Laboratory course in measurement technology and instrumentation, HTEK301 / Selected Topics in Ocean Technology, HTEK399 / Master's Thesis in Ocean Technology, HUCEL350A / Evaluation, Quality Control and Interpretation of Biochemical Analyses, HUIMM306 / Molecular and Cellular Methods in Immunology, HUIMM307 / Basic Course in Flow Cytometry, HUIMM901 / Project Seminars in Immunology, HUIMM905 / From Innate to Specific Immunity, HUIMM906 / Molecular and Cellular Methods in Immunology, IGSIN912-A / Experimental Design and Effect-Size Analysis - Attendance, IGSIN912-B / Experimental Design and Effect-Size Analysis - Multiple Choice, IGSIN913A / PhD course in Integrated Neuroscience, IGSIN918 / Course in the software package R, INF102 / Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming, INF113 / Introduction to operating Systems, INF225 / Introduction to Program Translation, INF240A / Basic Tools for Coding theory and Cryptography, INF241 / Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, and Quantum Cryptography, INF244 / Graph-based Inference, Networks and Coding Theory, INF245 / Computational Number Theory and Asymmetric Cryptography, INF247 / Introduction to Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Ciphers, INF250 / Foundations of data-oriented visual computing, INF264 / Introduction to Machine Learning, INF328 / Elements of Programming Languages, INF329 / Selected Topics in Programming Theory, INF339 / Selected Topics in Algorithms and Complexity, INF348 / Selected Topics Computer Security, INF349 / Selected Topics in Information Theory and Coding Theory, INF367 / Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence, INF367A / Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence II, INF368 / Selected Topics in Machine Learning, INF389 / Selected Topics in Bioinformatics, INF620 / Introduction to programming module 1, INF621 / Innføring i programmering modul 2, INFO100 / Introduction to Information Science, INFO104 / Formal Methods in Information Science, INFO162 / Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, INFO180 / Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, INFO263 / Interaction Design and Prototyping, INFO282 / Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, INFO300 / Research Project Design for Information Science, INFO310 / Research Topics in Model-Based Information Systems, INFO318 / Research Topics in Cognitive Computing, INFO320 / Research Topics in Semantic Information Systems, INFO323 / Data Architectures for Information Retrieval and Web Intelligence, INFO331 / Research Topics in Software Engineering, INFO333 / Research Topics in Information Systems Development, INFO352 / Research Topics in Technology Enhanced Learning, INFO361 / Research Topics in Human-Computer Interaction, INFO362 / Research Topics in Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and social computing, INFO371 / Research Topics in Networks and Text Analysis, INFO381 / Research Topics in Artificial Intelligence, INFO390 / Master's Thesis in Information Science, INFOMEVI270 / Bachelor's Thesis in New Media, INTH310A / Introduction to Occupational Health, INTH314 / Applied economic evaluation in health care, INTH315 / Methods in Global Health Research, INTH317 / Internship - master study in Global Health, INTH321A / Experimental Epidemiology (online), INTH323BL / Qualitative Research Methods for Global Public Health ¿ blended learning, INTH323E / Qualitative Research Methods for Global Public Health, INTH323O / Qualitative research methods for global public health - Online, INTH326 / Research Seminars at CIH Including two Presentations, INTH328B / Global tuberculosis - Epidemiology and intervention, INTH331A / Chemical factors in the work environment, INTH334B / Physical factors in the work environment, INTH356 / Observational Epidemiology (online), INTH395 / M.Phil. DISCLAIMER: Jeduka.com is not affiliated with all of the universities/colleges listed on the website. ODO-KP-SEM10 / Spesialisteksamen i oral kirurgi og oral medisin. PSYK644 / Sosial nettverksstøtte for kriserammede, PSYK645A / Global Mental Health Practicum (A), PSYK645B / Global Mental Health Practicum (B), PSYK646 / Crisis Psychology and Disaster Response, PSYK647 / Barn som pårørende når foreldre eller søsken er alvorlig syke eller dør, PSYK648 / Sorg: forståelse, støtte og tiltak, PTEK100 / Introduction to Petroleum and Process Technology, PTEK202 / Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, PTEK203 / Mass Transfer and Phase Equilibrium, PTEK205 / Numerical Techniques for Process Technology, PTEK211 / Fundamentals of Reservoir Physics, PTEK215 / Multi phase flow simulation in porous media, PTEK232 / Fundamentals of Natural Gas Hydrates and Practical Implications, PTEK241 / Introduction to Multiphase Systems, PTEK250 / Explosion Hazards in the Process Industries, PTEK311 / Integrated Operations in Drilling and Production, PTEK312 / Selected Topics in Petroleum Technology, PTEK354 / Dust Explosions in the Process Industries, PTEK399 / Master's Thesis in Petroleum Technology, PTEK620 / Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), QAL399B / Master's Thesis in Quality in the Analytical Laboratory. Course code: LIN-8011. The faculty offers a large number of courses taught in English, open to students at both undergraduate and graduate level. Find Alternative Short Courses . Academic diversity and high quality are fundamental for us. 20%. MAT228 / Algebraiske strukturer for differensialligninger, beregninger og løsningskurver (flows). VIT212 / Major Issues in Research and Society: Climate: What Do We Know? Queries about admission: admission@uib.no. Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. The University of Bergen specializes in marine biology, climate and energy studies, and global challenges. How to Apply to Universities in Australia? There are seven departments and several centres at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Total faculty staff - 1,634. Reviews and rankings of top University of Bergen online courses and MOOCs Important: the above section is intended to include only those reputable organizations (e.g. og arb. As a student at the University of Bergen automatically become a member of the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen). UiB offers more than 300 courses for exchange students taught in English. ODO-KP-SEM3K / Klinisk praksis og seminar Kariologi, 3. semester på spes. RAB395 / Master in Health Sciences - RAB (Radiographer,Biomedical Laboratory Scientist): Thesis. KMD-PER-101 / what you say is what you mean! Specialists within the fields, including professors from recognised universities abroad, teach the courses. utd.Kjeveortopedi, ODO-KP-SEM4F / Klinisk praksis og seminar kjeve og ansiktsradiologi 4. semester på spes.utd, ODO-KP-SEM4G / Klinisk praksis og seminar pedodonti 4. semester på spes.utd. The courses will focus on key global challenges, including socio-economic inequality, psychological and social science perspectives on climate change, and the sustainable development of life ODO-KP-SEM5E / Klinisk praksis og seminar Kjeveortopedi, 5. semester på spes.

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