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pedigree small dog food recall

But the company insisted it was working to fully implement corrective actions. Note: According to AAFCO, all of these dog foods have met nutritional standards and considered safe for canine consumption. A wide-ranging recall of pet food products originally popped up well over a month ago and was then expanded recently to include even more lot codes and new products. July 5, 2004. “It was kind of hard to regain the people’s trust on our brand after what had happened to us, but we just had to continue showing them that Pedigree is safe,” May Reyes, a marketing official at the plant, remarked in November 2004. “‘Millions’ of Roaches Plagued Maker of Pedigree, Iams, Cesar, Other Pet Foods.” Food Safety News. The next month, there was … “Kal Kan Getting a New Pedigree.”, Hupp, Susanne, and Denise Salvaggio. This Canidae Grain-Free PURE Petite Lamb Formula Small-Breed LID Dry Food is a great choice. Find the best dry, wet dog food and dog treats from PEDIGREE®. Formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of small breed pups, this Pedigree recipe is designed to be easy to pick up and chew using the little mouths of small dogs. Pedigree Dog Food Recall. No U.S. products were part of that recall. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) notifies the public of dog food recalls, cat food recalls, and treat recalls that are either performed voluntarily by the manufacturer or issued by the FDA. Little is known of the Chappell Brothers, a small team of dog food makers, operating in Manchester, England, in the 1930s. In August 2015, we counted dozens of comments like these pouring in on Pedigree’s Facebook page: The company responded, “These are naturally occurring fibers from meat and bone meal, like pig hair, and are completely safe for your dog to consume.”. + Click to see the sources for this article. It’s safe to say these 2 strands of the industry — Chappie and Kal Kan — both contributed to what is, today, known as Pedigree Petfoods. And Forrest Mars Sr. inherited and ran Mars Inc. for the majority of the 20th century. Pedigree has not had a recalled issued within the last two years. Today, you can find cans of the “original” Chappie canned dog food. This recall occurred because small hard white pieces of plastic entered the food during the production process, causing a potential choking risk. READ MORE. The food has a high amount of carbs, compared to its protein and fat and uses low-quality meat and fat sources. But now that i heard about the dog food recall i'm worry for my dogs health. Pedigree Small Dog Complete Nutrition Roasted Chicken, Rice and Vegetable Flavor [M] ... Pedigree Dog Food Recall History. Pedigree Petfoods is a subsidiary of Mars Inc., the candy maker that in recent years has grown to become the world’s No. According to At PEDIGREE®, we care about […] We have initiated a voluntary recall of 22 bags of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food due to the possible presence of a foreign material. recall of pedigree ® snack ball The safety of dogs is of utmost importance to us and we are voluntarily recalling our 2020 Christmas 520g Snack Ball box. The affected products included the following varieties with “best by” dates of Oct. 16–19, 2007: Cause: Suspected link to cases of kidney failure in dogs. Forrest Mars Sr. returned to America and reconciled with his father, who headed Mars Inc. at the time. Nostalgia, however, makes everything old new again. Pet owners who have questions about the recall should call 1890 812 315 or visit As reported here last week, the recall still affects 22 bags shipped to Dollar General across four U.S. states. Let us know by leaving a comment below. March 2004. August 27, 2014. Pixabay 2020 Dog Food & Treat Recalls. The Pedigree dog food brand is owned by Mars, Incorporated. As of 2020, Mars Petcare Inc. was the No. An attorney for the plant noted that “customers are coming back primarily because of Pedigree’s responsible way of responding to the problem.”. By Digital Desk Staff Mars Multisales Ireland is recalling a limited number of a Pedigree dog food product over concerns surrounding its safety. Certain batches of … In July 2004, Pedigree’s Asian distributor, Effem Foods Thailand Co., threatened to sue an animal group for libel. It was an era when dogs were dogs, and people didn’t worry so much about the taste or nutrition of their dog’s food. The group had made wild claims that Effem intentionally poisoned the dogs so that customers would then have to buy a new Pedigree product designed for dogs with kidney failure. What was recalled: The specific Pedigree dog food described below: Cause: Possible choking hazard. Cause: Possible metal fragments. Unlike the Pedigree recall, Kirkland’s wasn’t because of wiry fibers or hairs in its dog foods. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on this page. More Pet Food Recalled Over Potentially High Levels Of Poisonous Mold. March 24, 2004. The products included in the voluntary recall will have a “lot code” printed on the bag that begins with 046D9 and a “best before” date of November 12th 2021 (12/11/2021). Racehorses that had outlived their championship days were led to slaughter to make Kal Kan, which became popular in the 1960s — the decade in which Mars purchased Kal Kan Foods. bags of Pedigree Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites sold in Albertsons stores in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada (UPC #2310014719, Lot #830BFCAT02, best by July 2009). Susan Thixton. It features a mix of crunchy kibbles and semi-moist meaty bits. Mars had commented: “It’s possible for natural fibers such as pig hair to appear in the finished product. Our free alerts are saving pets’ lives. This dog food is not safe.”, Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food, 15 lb. What was recalled: The recall involved certain Asian countries, not the United States. The son and father had quarreled over the company’s direction in the years since the 1930 introduction of the Snickers candy bar, but that quarrel was now set aside. Announcement: FDA report dated June 30, 2012 (archived here). and 40 lb. Published. 10 Surprising Acquisitions.”. bags, UPC #2310010731, Lot #432C1KKM03, best by Aug. 7, 2015, and sold at certain Sam’s Club stores in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, Pedigree+ Healthy Weight Premium Ground Entrée in Meaty Juices, UPC #2310034974, Pedigree Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Beef & Liver Dinner in Meaty Juices, UPC #2310001913, Pedigree Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Chicken & Rice Dinner in Meaty Juices, UPC #2310023045, Pedigree Large Breed Adult Nutrition, 20 lb., 30.1 lb., 36.4 lb. But today, “the majority of Mars’s business comes not from treats like M&M’s [introduced in 1941], but from pet brands such as Pedigree and Whiskas.”. No U.S. products were part of that recall. “The Home Front.”, “Kal Kan at a Price Worth Fetching (Advertisement).”. It’s impossible for consumers to know how much of Mars’s current dog food line owes its existence to Chappie and how much to Kal Kan. What was recalled: The recall involved Pedigree brand “chilled dog rolls” manufactured and sold only in New Zealand. Pedigree Small Breed Dog Food Review. Aug. 8, 2008. Dog Food Recall Alert: Check Your Cans of Pedigree This year's pet-food recall roller-coaster just keeps on reeling -- now with a new canned-foods recall from Mars Petcare US. Here are the worst rated dry dog food brands for 2020. Filed Under: Consumer, pet food, Pets, Recall. There would be more pet food acquisitions to come. Here’s a photo he took: Have you found something odd in your Pedigree dog food? Aug. 31, 2014. In 1988, Mars Inc. began adding the name Pedigree to packages of Kal Kan in the United States: The food was sold as Kal Kan Pedigree. The most recent set of recalls occurred in August of 2014 due to the presence of small metal fragmentsin dry dog food. In a statement, the company said: “At Mars Petcare, we take our responsibility to pets and their owners very seriously. My dog is a bichion frise and his really picky he won't try anything diffrent unless i'm eating it and i do not want to eat dog food. The affected products included: Again, no U.S. pet food was affected by this 2004 Pedigree recall, which involved only food sold in the Asian countries noted above. The recalled bags were sold through Dollar General stores. We have the best, most complete … The Chappells, whose company was named after them, put together their dog food out of the meat scraps that people didn’t want to eat. June 7, 2018. We care deeply about pets and would like to sincerely apologise for any concern caused.”. In August 2014, a few packages of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition were recalled because of the reports of metal fragments. “Dog Food Distributor Threatens to Sue Taiwan Animal Group for Libel.” Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Click Here To Compare This Dog Food To Other Small Breed Dog Foods . It also delivers 30% more meals per kg than the leading grocery brand of adult dry dog food. bags, UPC #2310010944, Lot #432C1KKM03, best by Aug. 5, 2015, and sold at certain Dollar General stores in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee), Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food, 55 lb. The Chappie brand continued to be manufactured in the United Kingdom, and Kal Kan was made in the United States. and 52 lb. According to the recall announcement, no dog illnesses or injuries had been reported, and the foreign material was not embedded in the kibble. Best Small Breed Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach: If your small-breed dog suffers from food allergies or sensitive stomach, you need a limited ingredient diet made with a novel source of protein. On top of this, Pedigree has an above average number of recalls. We factored in ingredient list quality, guaranteed analysis levels, recall notices, consumer reviews and company transparency when ranking the worst rated dog food. Petful publisher Dave Baker went out and bought a random bag of Pedigree dog food in August 2015, and he, too, found wire-like hairs in the food. That was not the first instance of foreign objects in Pedigree: In June 2012, a few varieties of Pedigree weight management wet dog foods were recalled after small pieces of blue plastic showed up in some of the cans. Sept. 12, 2008. Pedigree later conceded that there was a connection between the mold and the illnesses in dogs. Archived at, “Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Limited Recall Due to Metal Fragments.” FDA. PEDIGREE® makes Really Good Food for small & large dogs in flavors that they're sure to love. In addition, Pedigree has been recalled twice due to potential salmonella contamination. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A pet food … Pedigree Tender Bites Complete Nutrition Chicken & Steak Flavor Small Breed is a grain-inclusive dual-texture dry dog food. Fast Company says that first dog food acquisition was monumental to Mars’s mind-blowing success over the following decades. 1 pet food company in the world, with over $18 billion in annual revenue, according to data provided by Pet Food Industry. It wasn’t the first time foreign objects emerged in the food: In June 2012, Pedigree recalled 3 varieties of weight management dog foods after reports of small pieces of blue plastic that put dogs in danger of choking. If you have not done so already, we urge you to sign up now for Petful’s FREE recall alerts by email. Cause: Possible foreign material: small metal fragments. While consumers may not have noticed these natural fibers when feeding their dog, we can assure them that the treats are safe for dogs to enjoy.”. McCorvey, J.J. “They Bought What? Mars Multisales Ireland is recalling a limited number of a Pedigree dog food product over concerns surrounding its safety. Lazarus, George. Months later, business was back up for Pedigree in Asia — and things were back to normal in the manufacturing plant in Pakchong, Thailand, albeit with some additional safety measures. “Mars Expands Pet Food Business Into U.S. Market.” Mars Inc. Picker, Leslie. The recall is limited to 22 bags that were sold at Dollar General Stores in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, between the dates of August 18-25. “The problem with Mars’s explanation is that filth, such as animal hair, is not allowed in pet food — at least not much of it, anyway. Leave a comment below to share your experience with others. Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines specify that meat and bone meal should have no hair, “except in such amounts as may occur unavoidably in good processing practices.”, Morrissette asked: “Is Mars capable of manufacturing a pet food without hair, except in such amounts as may occur unavoidably in good processing practices?”. Inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) themselves observed 2 live roaches. Certain batches of the company’s “Pedigree Complete Small Dog Beef 1.4kg” product are being recalled after it warned it may make a dog unwell due to its levels of Vitamin D. Consumers who have already purchased the affected product are asked to immediately stop feeding it to their pet and to contact Mars Multisales Ireland’s consumer care team for more information. The products were made in Taiwan and Thailand and were sold in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. Around 2015, we started hearing reports of so-called “wires” or plastic being found in Pedigree dry dog food. Announcement: FDA report dated Aug. 8, 2008 (archived here). March 11, 2004. Scroll down below to see the full list of all Pedigree dog food recalls, including all relevant details. These companies are thought to control about 80 percent of the world-wide pet … “What Is in Pet Food?” Association of American Feed Control Officials. You can find detailed information about Mars Inc., manufacturer of Pedigree dog food, in our full Pedigree dog food review. 1 pet food company in terms of sales. What was recalled: The following Pedigree dry dog foods with a “PAE” in the 6th, 7th and 8th digits of the Lot Code on the bag, manufactured at Mars Petcare’s Everson, Pennsylvania, facility from Feb. 18 to July 29, 2008: Cause: Potential for salmonella. Below, we share more information about the history of Pedigree dog food — including up-to-date recall information. Recently, however, there was an issue with people finding what seemed like wire in their dog’s food… Archived at. It was said to be the first dog food distributed nationally with this easy-open can design. Pedigree is one of the top-selling dog food brands in the U.S. and Mars is one of the big four pet food companies globally (the others being Nestle-Purina, Proctor & Gamble, and Colgate-Palmolive). Archived at, “Metal Fragments in Dog Food Prompt Recall.”, “Recalled Products, Obtaining Refunds.” Pedigree. Yes. 1 1/2 PAWS . Inspections at the Taiwan plant discovered mold on rice and corn ingredients. Not just one piece, but 27 pieces so far. There were 22 bags affected total - 15-pounds Pedigree Complete Nutrition Dy Dog Food bags sold in the Dollar General stores in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee. Whether or not a dog has a pedigree, they are likely to be regarded as a cherished member of the family. Just weeks prior, in August 2008, some Pedigree foods were recalled in certain locations for the same reason. No U.S. Pedigree products were part of this recall. Product Title PEDIGREE Small Dog Adult Complete Nutrition Grilled Steak and Vegetable Flavor Dry Dog Food 15.9 Pounds Average Rating: ( 4.7 ) out of 5 stars 683 ratings , … Recalled Pet Food Only cans of PEDIGREE® weight management canned dog food varieties with the production codes shown below are included in this voluntary recall. Pedigree Dog Food Recall History. “A candy company that buys a dog food brand might seem like it’s barking up the wrong tree,” the publication said. This second-grade meat was then canned. Pedigree Small Dog Complete Nutrition Roasted Chicken is a low-price dog food that is an overall lower quality. Archived at, “Mars Petcare US Issues Voluntary Recall of Limited Bags of Pedigree Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites at Albertsons in Southern California and Las Vegas Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination.” FDA. Petful is reader-supported. August 26, 2014: because of the possible presence of a foreign material (small metal fragments), the company announced a voluntary dog food recall. During 2017 inspections of the Mars Inc. canning facility in Columbus, Ohio, where Pedigree, Iams and Cesar pet foods are manufactured, along with other brands, Mars told inspectors it was hearing consumer complaints about foreign objects — including insects — in the pet food.

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