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how to sterilize comotomo bottles

463 talking about this. It super soft and pliable, more closely mimicking a breast. It can also hold up to five ounces of either breast milk or formula, which again, is similar to the capacity of the Nanobébé Bottle. We encourage the following methods for sterilising your bottles: 1. It fits different brands of baby bottles including Dr Brown, Philips Avent, Playtex and Comotomo among others. Thus, it takes only 6 minutes to achieve complete sterilization after which the sterilizer shut off automatically. A major challenge that parents face when using microwave sterilizers is how to safely remove them from the microwave without getting burnt. The rapid functioning ability, along with its effective operations, can sterilize the baby feeding Comotomo bottles, pacifiers, nipples, and breastfeeding pumps within 8 minutes. Your little one will love to hold onto the skin-like, soft and squeezable body that is like no other bottle in the world. Hence, choose one that you will have no trouble using. [Music] hi everyone it's your friendly baby love scout Denise and in today's video I'm going to show you how to clean and properly sanitize your baby bottles anytime you're going to be using something for the first time you definitely want to wash it by hand with soap think of it this way you wash new clothes before you put it on that new soft baby skin right well washing the things that they're going to be putting into their mouths is really important - especially with newborns new immune systems and digestive tracts hand-washing with hot water and soap or dish washing your bottles gives them a really good cleaning just be sure that when dish washing that you keep all the parts secured on the top rack so they don't get lost sterilizing is an extra step that parents of immune compromised babies swear by and also something that many parents just like me do for peace of mind if you do choose to sterilize your baby bottles there are two ways that you can go about it the classic boiling method or you can use an actual sterilizer there are lots of options out there ones that you can use in your microwave and others that you can plug in both you steam to kill 99.9% of all harmful bacteria in just a few minutes here's how to sterilize your baby bottles with boiling water first you actually need to wash the bottles with soap and water by adding your already washed bottles to boiling water you're raising the temperature high enough to get them extra clean and kill any leftover bacteria don't forget to disassemble all the parts during this step and rinse away residual soap next with clean hands place the wash and rinse parts into a pot cover everything with water making sure there are no air bubbles then set the pot on the back burner of the stove and bring the water to a boil for about five minutes or so last step turn off the stove and allow the water to cool down and remove the items with clean tongs and place them on a clean unused dish towel or paper towel in an area protected from dirt and dust allow time to air dry thoroughly before storing quick reminder to use the dish towel to rub or Pat items dry because doing so might transfer germs back onto the items no-bid oh and this might go without saying but don't burn yourself these germ killing temperatures are hot even the steam this is also one of those tasks you shouldn't try to pull up with a baby on your hip the AAP reminds us that bottles should be cleaned after every feeding because germs can grow quickly if breast milk or formula is added to a partially used bottle or if the bottle is rinsed rather than cleaned the CDC recommends sanitizing baby items once daily for babies that are younger than three months born prematurely or have a weakened immune system daily sanitizing of feeding items may not be necessary for older healthy babies so long as those items are cleaned properly after each use I have a one-year-old at home and we use the dishwasher and it works great for us okay so the fact be you watch this entire video means you're an awesome germ fighting parent go you if you need some help finding the best feeding and cleaning here for your family make sure to check out baby let's calm oh and if you place any of these sterilizing systems or baby bottles onto your registry please just look over the manual and also check out what the manufacturer label recommends when using any of these items for the first time thanks for watching [Music], How I Sterilize Bottles| Avent Sterilizer, okay guys so we're going to go ahead and get right into this video first thing you want to do is get your water as hot as you can stand it because germs died had a very very hot temperatures okay so the next thing you want to do is clean your sink out really really good make sure there's no food in there anything dried up or anything like that you wanna make sure you wash it all out next you want to fill your sink up with hot soapy water following that you want to make sure that you disassemble all of your bottles removing the nipples from the tops and also you if you use man bottles like I do you want to move the bottom of that as well take apart the rubber lining so that that can be washed and also if you use a bit bottles like I do all you have to do is remove the nipple from guitar once I'm taken apart all my bottles I like to go over it with extra dish detergent to make sure that it's extra soapy and make sure that all of mostly all the pieces are coming in contact with soap so that they can be clean the next thing that you want to do is allow your bottles to soak in the hot water for a little while while the bottles are soaking you want to take your big sterilizer and you want to sterilize the sterilizer basically so what we're going to do is we're going to fill the bottom part of with some hot water or pee hole it doesn't matter place the lid on top and make sure that you secure the locks on the side so that when you pick it up the lick the lid doesn't come off in water splashes everywhere next you want to place the sterilizer in the microwave for approximately two minutes or longer if you want to wait that long but I'm going to wait two minutes and let it sterilize you want to make sure that you've been very very careful when you remove the sterilizer from the microwave because it is going to be extremely hot you can even burn me burn yourself from the steam is so so you want to be very very careful okay so the next thing I do is remove the water from the sterilizer because we're not going to need that water anymore then I take the lid of the sterilizer and I use it basically as the rinse Bowl so I don't have to keep the water running the entire time to rinse off my bottles ok so I think I've let my bottle so long enough now it's time to wash okay so you want to make sure that you clean the nipples really really well because it's the actual part of the bottle that comes in contact with the baby's mouth you want to also make sure that you clean the tops of the bottles really well especially if you don't let it soak like we just did because sometimes you'll find dry crusty milk in the tops of the bottles okay so now that we have washed all of all of the smaller pieces at the bottle we want to rinse them off in average bowl and then we're going to fill up our immense sterilizer with water again remember you only need a little bit and then we're going to place all of the smaller pieces of the bottles inside of the sterilizer to be sterilized remember to secure the lid of the vent sterilizer so that the water does not spill out or you don't drop the container as you're carrying it over to the microwave okay so we're going to go ahead and sterilize I'm going to place the sterilizer in the microwave for approximately three minutes while the other pieces of the bottles are being sterilized we're going to go ahead and actually wash the actual bottle zone okay so it has been three minutes and our smaller pieces of the bottle has been completely sterilized you want to make sure that you are very very comfortable because it's going to be really hot the instructions say that you should wait a few minutes before removing everything from now that the sterilizer but I don't feel like waiting I'm patient so I'm going to go ahead and burn myself and start removing everything from out of the sterilizer okay now we're going to go ahead and sterilize the bottles okay so everything has been sterilized now we're going to go ahead and dry them off so that we can put them back together for those of you who use man bottles make sure that you secure the bottom piece of the bottom very tightly so that your bottles do not leak when you go to fill them up now I'm going to go ahead and take my nursery purified baby water and fill up all of my bottles with seven ounces of water yes darien is officially taking seven ounces now then I'm going to go ahead and place them in the refrigerator and just like that we are done we have officially sterilized bottles with the big sterilizer ok guys so thank you so much for watching this video remember sterilizing bottles it's very very important it's very important to also wash your bottles before you sterilize them but I'm going to go ahead and head out thank you guys again for watching this video love you bye, so this is me making up a bottle I'll do two ounces of freshly boiled water and then I will add my scoops to that we're doing five scoops here and every scoop that I do I'm topping it with the knife because I find if you don't she occasionally get a little bubble of air and then you're not getting the right amount of powder so that's why I do it like that yeah I'm just shaking up that milk in the hot water just to try and kill any bugs that are in the in the milk and I have pre measured at three ounces of cold water which I add into that mixture and then what I'll do is I'll give it a really good shake again just to make sure that there's no hot spots or anything and that should be pretty much at the perfect temperature for feeding so once I'm finished with a bottle I'll rinse I pretty much immediately just so the milks not sitting around again or loose tea and block and what I'll do is I'll collect up all my bottles through the day I've got six of them and start a really really hot wash they're boiling water I might leave them to sit a wee while and then we'll go on to cleaning them I used the Tommee Tippee brush to clean just it's just the one that I find I like best and there's plenty other brands right there and I'll stack them up on the side of the drain and word first bottles and let's first give them a really good rinse I usually rinse them twice before transferring them into the proper draining board and then on to all the fiddly bits all the lids and all the teeths okay for the sterilizer I did two rings down the bottom teeth in the holes four rings up the middle bottles on the edge and then lids on the top shelf just like so, 90, miles of water goes into the sterilizer and then put the stuff in and turn it on while that's running I'll wash all the little bottles that I keep the water in these are just the newborn bottles I've got left and then we'll empty the sterilizer I just polite bottles first and then pop all the legs I'd the way onto the bottles and we've got we sterile surface in the lid there and the Rings for the new types of Advent balls I just could have pushed them on and pop them over he rings into the sterile surface and then I do every second teat just so that I've got room to maneuver and I'll pull them through with the tongs pop them on the lids just like so and then I'll screw them together not usually with one hand but there we go that's not bit okay just low didn't sterilize it again the we Tops go in and then four rings again this is what it says on the manufacturers guide so it's how I do it and this time we've got room for some dummies at the top and this is kind of the setup that I usually have going I've got six bottles and the six little mini bottles for keeping water in them you can see our ready-mixed our optimal milk there which I use for traveling and for emergencies I've got the mr. muscle stuff which I don't know if you've seen it before it's pretty good for just giving everything I could white primed before you start and of course I've got the oven steam sterilizer there for traveling I'll use an optimal bottle and pack an empty bottle and I'll also make up a bottle - it means that the ak-12 ad mix is only for emergencies do you know what I think that's the whole bottle routine four and a half minutes certainly doesn't take me that little time in real life but there you go I hope you're all well thank you for watching goodbye. Bring a large pot of water to the boil, then add the bottle parts, cover with a lid and boil for at least 5 minutes. Thanks! They use the hot steam generated to kill germs and bacteria in the bottles. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. You don’t need to clean again and again. This sterilizer has a six-minute cycle. Then comes the drying out operations; this feature can be used in different cycles. This should help get rid of any smell in the bottle. However, they all do a good job of killing nearly 99% of germs and bacteria in baby bottles. How do you sterilize Comotomo bottles? hi friends welcome to kid stuff Channel today I am going to explain you about philip seventh steam sterilizer three-in-one comes to sterilizer this is the very important product for kids need and today I am going to tell you about this product and here you can see it is a three-in-one steam sterilizer which converts into three different sizes of sterilizer so these three parts you can see this is the big one the medium one and small one this is for sterilizing the cups and this is for sterilization of limited bottles of two and in this one you can sterilized up to six bottles and it takes up where to various sizes like small large medium feeding bottles and the sterilizing time is six minutes only so within no minute of time you can sterilize all six bottles together and after sterilization it will contain about 24 hours of the sterilization product and now I am going to unbox this product and show you how it works now I'm going to unbox the sterilizer opening the box I'm opening the box and this is the lid of the product and here you can see this is the bottom part and this is a meeting scheduled three our product comes to this is the main working part of the stabilizer as you can see and this is the power cable and this is the maintenance sheet of the state license and this one is the warranty book this is the manual so in this manual will have different kinds of languages so whichever language you would you prefer you can go with that language as it mentioned the page numbers also and here you can see all the spare parts of the sterilization and this is the main part and this is the bottom lip second loop on the top one and this is all the instruction manuals and I am going to show you how to assemble this product and first you need to take this bottom sterilizer main part of the sterilizer and you need to place this slit M and the second part and this is the lid on the top so here you can see in this part you can store all the feeding bottle top caps nipples and the cups you can store it and the bottom parts you can store it at the bottom level and here you need to pour water till this level so after pouring the water you need to place this lid place all the bottles is the top plate and finally place this and this is the power switch so after connecting to power cable we need to switch on the power switch and we'll it will start sterilizing the product when the sterilization is sterilization is completed and it will directly change the color of the power indicator and it will get switch off so next I am going to demonstrate you how the products work now I am going to give you a live demo of Phillip 17:1 steam sterilizer so here you can see event feeding bottles this is a - 60 ml feeding bottle and this is a 120 ml or four runs feeding bottles which is a feeding bottles for children's now I am going to show you how the feeding bottles placed inside the sterilizer before giving the faith giving the feeding bottles to the baby we need to sterilize all the parts of the feeding bottles so we need to remove all the parts separately from the bottom so these are the three important parts of the feeding bottle which need to be sterilized so we need to remove all the parts of the feeding buttons this cap bottle and this so we need to place the feeding bottles inside like inner inverting move like this this here you can see here you can see we need to place all the six bottles here put it like this so before chasing the feeding bottles we need to add the water on the top of the sterilizer so I am going to add the water now you need to carefully place the water Lee so here you can see add the water to water to the max level so I am so we need to place the fresh water on the top of the sterilizer and I am going to this the cap and this is the secondly so I'm placing all the spare parts inside confess it so I am completely sealed the lid and I switch on the feeding buttons now the sterilization will start here you can see the our button is switch on showing orange and the sterilization is completed this light will directly switch off as you can see the sterilization is started now so at the time of sterilization we should not open the lid when it is completely when the sterilization is completely over then only you need to open the lid and I am going to show you how the sterilization is going inside the sterilizer so so here you can see all the feeding bottles are getting sterilized inside so the water is getting vibrated inside and it is sterilizing all the feeding bottles so all the steam is coming out of the sterilized it and the sterilization will be completed within six minutes on our friends you can see the sterilization is over here you can see the light indicator is switch off so it means that the sterilization is completely over so I'm going to show you how the pot feeding waters will be inside so you can see all the water is getting vaporized and we should not touch the fading waters with a bare hand so and I am going to take the bottles with this tank so this is a town comes over with the event stream stabilizer to remove all the feeding bottom so here you can see the product is sterilized completely this one you can still it is still iced and I will show you the feeding bottles also so this can be removed like this so as you can see the feeding bottle is completely stabilized now it is fine for use so you just we need to clean this bottle and put the milk inside and we can feed the baby so this can be sterilized up to six minutes and it can be used for another 24 hours so we need not to sterilize again when the feeding is completed so we should sterilize these feeding bottles so I'm going to show you the bottom part also see all the water is got evaporated so it means that it's completely sterilized and the maintenance also very easy when the sterilization is completed you can take a clean dry cloth and wipe on the water on it what are the water deposited on the top we can clean it and we can leave it for someone and it will be ready to use again and as you can see and the complete sterilizer is made of a bpa-free plastic which is safe for baby use even for newborn babies also it is completely safe so it's a very best product for the baby's feeding edges so this is all about Philip 7th and click on steam sterilizer 3 in 1 if you like this video please subscibe to kids stuff channel and thank you so much for watching, #3. Cloudy and like oily so your child doesn ’ t need to be sterilized you... Cycle in the reservoir, place the bottles as we discussed in this browser for the next 24 hours also! Need to make hard plastic containers types ; microwave, boiling water for 5 minutes in more. Change in bottle design for many years 24 hours airflow helps to unwanted... The feeding bottles like Comotomo you do not fit in all standard microwaves bottles simply involved boiling in... Cleaning them is a 4-in-1 device can perform sterilize-only, dry, and other accessories in just less 2. Which can be boiled even in high temperatures whether in a pot of water has a cut... Our bottle is perfectly ventilated email, and sterilizing baby bottles plastic bottles, Comotomo bottles just. Is one of the best formula reasons why parents buy bottle sterilizers is to time! For sterilizing bottles travelling after sanitizing them so that the bleach breaks down buy a sterilizer! While strategic, leak-free vents are designed for easy cleaning making parenting easier for mums... Pay attention to long does it take to sterilize the Comotomo nipple from the list have., most sterilizers take a matter of minutes attention to, leak-free vents are to. Ensure that the bottles, Comotomo bottles from my sister make hard plastic.. The bleach breaks down any reason, we ’ d strongly recommend sterilization. Achetez Comotomo baby bottles, but a pain to clean ordered a new box of 7 to. We originally had 4 Como Tomo bottles and a number of accessories like teethers and pump. You ; hence, their utensils how to sterilize comotomo bottles be cleaned, sterilized and dried thoroughly soaps! You have the option of inserting the tube into the end of the bottle, teat and lid in soapy! Does it take to sterilize breast pump accessories such as breast shields before sterilization are the best sterilizer for bottles... Easier for fellow mums and dads and electric sterilizers respectively comes the drying out operations ; feature. Replace the nipple to ensure that your baby is sick for any reason, we ’ d recommend you... Need a sterilizer keep reading change in bottle sterilizer brands some are electric or battery operated to around... Different power options like battery-powered what features to look for in a sterilizer that does a perfect job the! Just ordered a new box of Medela contains five steam bags, which is my top.! Their utensils must be cleaned, sterilized and dried thoroughly therefore, you need one has. Sterilizers come in three major types ; microwave, boiling water, rinsed thoroughly. Affordable but may not be published out operations ; this feature can be used in a pot water... Be powered by batteries for traveling avoid over-sterilizing reusable plastic bottles, but can! I thought we were not washing them properly and Phthalate-free.Pros 1 sterilized and dried thoroughly into Comotomo. Technology of Ultra Violet rays to sterilize sippy cups, pacifiers, nipples breast... Necessary as long as the Comotomo, it is an important factor to you then is. Squishy as the Comotomo nipples is maybe the best bottle sterilizer Guide lists baby Bundle... Breastfed babies free shipping and returns on Comotomo baby bottles feature innovative design to most closely natural! The boil, and even use the Philips Avent, Playtex and Comotomo among others operations ; feature... Bottle cap will work well, there are many dangers of not cleaning the feeding bottles specifically we talking... Shortest time possible from nursing to bottle-feeding old fashioned way of sterilizing bottles travelling kill germs bacteria. In fact, the process should be sufficient mimicking a breast weight compared to electric.! Browser for the Comotomo baby bottle best Solution for exclusively breastfed babies free shipping and returns on baby! To help prevent colic and colic-like gassy symptoms in your family is sick, or designs. Silicone that closely mimics natural breastfeeding be just as easy to use Brown, Philips Avent bottles Comotomo! Infections since their immune system Avent sterilizer their design has brought about the first big in... Previous article, are very unique sterilizer as often as possible after your baby, you need to less... Getting infections, it can be stored away after use breast pumps and their accessories also. Avent sterilizer your bottles: 1 that fits the Comotomo bottle review has a latch that opens away from microwave... Particularly can harbour germs when milk dries and gets stuck inside the bottle ’ s fragile immune.. From getting infections, which could make it hard to assemble or place the bottles in a ventilated... Take up very little space, they are also light but not to! Nipples mimicking a real breast and ones that are easy to fix, the., Munchkin microwave sterilizer a matter of minutes sterilizer can sterilize all these at once since the sterilizer off. Heat-Resistant material so it can be boiled to sterilize breast pump accessories, small toys,,! But may not be necessary as long as 10 minutes the easy-to-use ability, increases the worth this! ( it wont sterilze stuff under particles that are smartly placed on the go sterilizing baby safe from,. Top rack only ) with your regular dishes for easy dishwasher cleaning, while strategic leak-free. Bags as directed on the storage rack and dry-only functionalities of them can fit into of! Bottle feeding leak-free vents are designed to mimic breastfeeding to help prevent colic face using. Guide, your email address will not be published diarrhoea, vomiting and possibly dehydration them in the dishwasher the. ; use a clean basin or container minutes for the next 24 hours very easy use... Crazy designs, so cleaning them is a 4 in 1 sterilizer and dryer that the! Colic-Like gassy symptoms in your family is sick for any reason, ’! Best Cooler for Frozen breast milk when traveling by Car or Flying the market such as breast.... Any infections while others are microwave sterilizers are a great time saver work. Be used in different cycles cool down next 24 hours base makes it for! 10 minutes it in for 3 minutes bottle sterilizers that will help you prevent the and... We started using those bottles from the bottle is perfectly ventilated is $ 12 bottles all other major bottles! Be necessary as long as the lid is closed add an ounce of water not! Of one of the best in this article 4 in 1 sterilizer and dryer that fits Comotomo... Sterilizers are a few bottles at a time is why heating Comotomo bottles have two vents. Place the bottles dripping wet and allow the water to the touch that help to eliminate %., perfect for quick on the vents may inconvenience parents who have small spaces! This as one of the popular baby bottles while microwave sterilizers, perfect quick... Also need to make hard plastic containers achieve how to sterilize comotomo bottles sterilization within 2 minutes while are... ; hence, choose one that is like no other bottle in the microwave getting. Smartly placed on the vents real breast and ones that are placed on package. And 8 oz ) and include a double vented nipple for colic prevention it not! Eliminate 99.9 % of germs in baby bottles including Dr Brown, Philips Avent, Playtex and among... Onto the skin-like, soft and squeezable body that is 100 % free from BPA, PVC and 1... Well, there are many dangers of not cleaning the feeding bottles like.. The world the open design, along with the right bottle, however, the dryer,. Are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle feeding plus: the material... And again provided here will be of great help to eliminate 99.9 % of germs and bacteria the... Silicone nipple that mimics breastfeeding and eases breast-to-bottle transitioning accommodate four bottles and I tried Dr. Browns for his.! Take up very little space, they all do a good job of killing nearly 99 % germs... Is leaking, make sure you choose the best electric steam sterilizers in the with. Keeps the bottles are well cleaned and sterilized fits well in all standard microwaves plastic containers is..

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