Then & Now

  Thebn and Now CD

One Love <listen to MP3> (0.8 meg)
Wanting Memories <listen to MP3> (1.0 meg)
One Planet <listen to MP3> (1.4 meg)
With You
People Get Ready
Hurt So Bad <listen to MP3> (0.9 meg)
Tu Para Mi <listen to MP3> (1.1 meg)
Precious <listen to MP3> (1.0 meg)
Be of Love <listen to MP3> (1.3 meg)
For the Forest
Life & Love
Thank You
Dirt <listen to MP3> (1.9 meg)

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SoVoSó's Independent Album release of 2005 is a retrospective album capturing the band's journey since forming in 1994 to where they musically live now . The 13 track album features 7 new recordings of fan requests and updated arrangements of songs including Tu Para Mi and Be of Love. Interwoven into this new material are 6 remixed and remastered songs - some of which that were recorded on the band's first two albums and a version of Thank You that was only released on the band's German released CD Precious.


Crack the Nut!

  Crack the Nut CD Cover

Red Pipes <listen to MP3> (.9 meg)
Skaters & Jugglers <listen to MP3> (1.0 meg)
Spanish Dance <listen to MP3> (.8 meg)
Mother Gigogne <listen to MP3> (1.0 meg)
Russian Dance <listen to MP3> (.7 meg)
Arabian Dance <listen to MP3> (1.2 meg)
Waltz of the Flowers <listen to MP3> (1.0 meg)
Sugar Plum Fairy <listen to MP3> (.6 meg)
Finale Waltz <listen to MP3> (1.0 meg)

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In November, 2003 SoVoSó sang the premiere performance of Tandy Beal's "Mixed Nutz!" - a new twist on the classic Holiday Show, which ended with a sold-out Thanksgiving weekend of shows and rave reviews. Demand was so high for this newly arranged music, that SoVoSó went into the studio to record nine of their favorites to put on a tantalizing album that captures the essence of the Classic Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite but with a SoVoSó-Style "twist on this well known score.

SoVoSó members, all composers and lead vocalists in their own right, chose what songs they would like to arrange from the Nutrcracker Suite. The CD opens with a smooth, African-chant infused Dance of the Reed Pipes and moves to a haunting rock version of the Arabian Dance, House-Funk Russian Dance, a spicy latin jazz Waltz of the Flowers, a driving alternative Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and amazing a cappella versions of the Mother Gigogne (Ginger), Spanish Dance, Skater & Jugglers (named for the circus acts that perform to this music in Mixed Nutz!), and Finale Waltz; all in true and innovative SoVoSó style.

We invite you to take a piece of this milestone release home with you to enlighten and warm up your holiday season and all throughout the year.





Holiday Season <listen to MP3> (.7 Meg)
Christmas In Questa  <listen to MP3> (.7 Meg)
Oh Holy Night <listen to MP3> (.8 Meg)
Someday <listen to MP3> (.6 Meg)
Little Drummer Boy <listen to MP3> (.6 Meg)
'Tis Winter <listen to MP3> (.8 Meg)
Emmanuel <listen to MP3> (.7 Meg)

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The group's latest release is their first-ever and much awaited Holiday
album. SoVoSó has mixed together a wonderful recipe of songs including
several holiday favorites done in true "SoVoSó-style" such as O Holy Night
and Little Drummer Boy, as well as original songs that touch the heart and
reflect on all shades of the winter season. This album also introduces new
member Bryan Dyer. The opening track's chorus truly captures the group's
message: "What do you want your Holiday Season to be about this year?"



Bridges CD
Boom Baby!  <listen to MP3> (1.2 Meg)
For I Am The Moon 
Charity <listen to MP3> (.8 Meg)
New Groove <listen to MP3> (1.5 Meg)
Build A Bridge  <listen to MP3> (1.3 Meg)
Big Family <listen to MP3> (.8 Meg)
Listen To The Rain <listen to MP3> (.8 Meg)
Say - <listen to MP3> (1.0 Meg)
We Will Rise <listen to MP3> (.5 Meg)
<listen to MP3> (.9 Meg)

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Serengeti rhythms, New Orleans inspired funk, Jamaican reggae dubs...
SoVoSó's 2000 album release spans the musical globe,introducing members
Destani Wolf and Norman Pitters. SoVoSo forges thoughtful lyrical territory,
from love songs to anthems calling us toward our universal humanity, all
rendered in superlative musicianship through the fundamentally human
instrument -the voice. Bridges clearly places SoVoSo on the map at the
cutting edge of world-soul-beat music. Includes a slamming re-mix of David
Worm's hit, "Say".

Truth And Other Stories

Be of Love  <listen to MP3>
Gift of Music  <listen to MP3>
Thank You For The Dream  <listen to MP3>
Afro Blue  <listen to MP3>
Life & Love  <listen to MP3>
For the Forest  <listen to MP3>
In My Prime <listen to MP3>
With You  <listen to MP3>
Clear Winter Skies 
<listen to MP3>

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What happens when you get six lead singers to perform in one group? You get SoVoSó. Each of the individual musical personalities take their turns expressing themselves with the total support of the other singers. Unheard of! Amazing! And just plain wow! "Be Of Love" is David Worm's opening tune. I would pick Joey Blake's "Thank You For The Dream" as his representative composition but notice has to be taken of the fact that he wrote and arranged "Life and Love" which Sunshine Becker has made her own. Melanie Rath's pure soprano swoops, dives and scats through Mongo Santamaria's "Afro Blue." Rhiannon presents her autobiographical, "In My Prime." And finally, Nicholas Bearde leaves us with a soulful, "Clear Winter Skies." In the vernacular, it don't get any better than this!

World Jazz A Cappella

World Jazz A Cappella CD

First Words
Say  <listen to MP3> (.7 Meg)
Show Them Dance
Thank You  <listen to MP3> (.4 Meg)
People Get Ready
Tu Para Mi
<listen to MP3> (.7 Meg)
That Day 
Wa Wa Wa 

Down By The Riverside  <listen to MP3> (.9 Meg)
Say A Prayer <listen to MP3> (.9 Meg)

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1997 Harmony Sweepstakes Winners, SoVoSó also won the CARA that same year in the category Studio Album Of The Year. The majority of the six members had been singing together for ten years or so, since being members in Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra. In fact "Dirt" the six movement, twenty plus minute marvel of improvisation was written by McFerrin and SoVoSó as a dance score for the Oberlin Dance Co. of San Francisco. This reviewer particularly loves Melanie Rath's "Show Them Dance," David Worm's "Say", Joey Blake's "Tu Para Mi" and Rhiannon's "Say A Prayer." Oh heck, all of them!

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